Shropshire Apple Trust is a constituted community-trust, based in Coalbrookdale within Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire

It is open to anyone who shares its objectives of promoting apple culture in the widest possible sense.

The Trust offers products, services and advice nationally and internationally to established or fledgling groups and to individuals wanting to set up organisations, however small, with a similar remit and ethos.

We work to raise awareness of the importance of traditional orchards with their associated wildlife and the threats posed to the richness of traditional apple culture by increasing reliance on a few modern cultivars.

The Trust operates at all levels, helping to revive interest in local fruit trees, orcharding and the practical use of the apple harvest to produce juices for drinking and conversion to products such as cider and cider vinegar. The events it organises, including the use of its own one-tonne traditional twin-screw apple press at an annual Apple Day, is seen as playing an important part in promoting apple culture as well as building community capacity.

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Shropshire Apple Trust works with partners to build traditional apple presses for individuals or other bodies. Amongst its customers to date are The National Trust, Worcestershire County Council, Orchard Link in Devon, and numerous other smaller bodies and individuals.

The Trust also offers specific services involving the preparation of detailed orchard evaluations, proposals and management plans for relict orchards, traditional orchards, and also recently established commercial and community orchards. It runs pruning and grafting courses, and offers hiring services for apple presses and milling machines.

Big Lottery Fund

Shropshire Apple Trust has been supported by the National Lottery through the Millennium Festival Awards for All. The Trust is a founder contributor to the first national conference on traditional orchards held in Leominster in 1999, out of which arose the umbrella organization the National Orchard Forum. It has collaborated locally with the Severn Gorge Countryside Trust in establishing a community orchard in the Severn Gorge. It issues an occasional newsletter and publishes regularly including contributions to such organisations as Common Ground.